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How A Modern Data Center Increased Efficiencies For A Popular Dot Com

By Redapt Marketing | Posted on September 2, 2019 | Posted in Enterprise Infrastructure, Workplace Modernization

For a sense of how Redapt partners with clients, check out our latest case study on a well-established dot com.

Learn more about their speed-to-market gap compared to competitors and how Redapt helped the company transform its development process. Here’s a taste:

With the endgame goal and no downtime in mind, Redapt partnered with a popular dot com to thoroughly examine its current development process. What we found was a monolithic architecture — including waterfall development methodologies — that greatly slowed down the company’s process.

Through workshops and in-depth discussions, we came to the conclusion that containers would allow them to move towards a DevOps culture. This would enable them to iterate on their software and deploy several times a day.

And, since the company worked with very large sets of data already on their premises, they also needed to have a technology stack and hardware to match the workload's performance requirements.

To read the full case study, download the PDF.

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