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Enterprise SONiC Distribution

By Redapt Marketing | Posted on November 22, 2022 | Posted in Enterprise Infrastructure,

A team responsible for deploying mission critical datacenter infrastructure faced missing delivery deadlines due to supply chain delays with their preferred enterprise networking vendor.

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When mission critical datacenter capacity is needed to support business growth, it's important to be flexible and adapt to unforeseen business challenges. Technology departments usually prioritize datacenter uptime and performance. That priority often means they standardize on proven datacenter infrastructure solutions and invest in tooling and automation of those specific assets throughout their lifecycle.

When mission critical datacenter capacity is necessary to support business growth, technology teams must be flexible and adapt to today's supply chain challenges. Historically, datacenter professionals have benefited greatly from highly predictable lead times on servers, storage, and enterprise network gear. When the business needed more capacity, it was generally available. Unfortunately, the technology industry is facing unpredictable supply chain issues, which are negatively impacting the ability to deploy datacenter infrastructure on time. Businesses can no longer rely on their preferred vendors to have the equipment they need when it's required.

Today, enterprise network infrastructure is experiencing some of the longest lead times, which can hold up datacenter infrastructure deployments by 12 months. For most of our customers, a year long lead time isn’t acceptable. Fortunately, our network engineering team has developed a solution that comes with a greatly improved lead time. In fact, by integrating Dell’s Enterprise switch portfolio with Enterprise SONiC and Apstra, Redapt can deliver incredible features and network performance up to 3x faster.

Enterprise SONiC Distribution is a next-generation Network Operating System (NOS) that simplifies modern data center deployment and integration with the cloud. Whereas, Apstra empowers organizations to automate and manage their networks across virtually any data center location, vendor, and topology. In addition, Juniper Apstra is a great tool to  resolve issues by using a single source of truth, powerful analytics, and root-cause identification. 

If enterprise network supply chain issues are holding your business back, Redapt is ready to help. Contact us to learn how your organization can adapt.