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How to Optimize Your Data Storage While Reducing Costs

By Data Storage Team | Posted on April 7, 2020 | Posted in Enterprise Infrastructure, Dell EMC

Due to the mass proliferation of connected devices, the fastest growing resource for enterprises is unstructured data.

This flood of information—including images and videos—can be used for unlocking insights, creating new products, and reaching new customers.

Optimizing all this unstructured data is critical, not just so you can get the most insight from the information you gather, but so you can reduce overall costs.

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Through data storage optimization, you gain the ability to essentially tier how you utilize it, from high-end storage when specific data is at its peak usefulness, to deep cold storage on-premises or in the cloud until specific data becomes useful again.

While there are a number of optimization tools available for enterprises, one of the most powerful—and one we regularly recommend—is Isilon.

Introducing Isilon Cloud One FS


Put simply, Isilon is a scale out, network-attached storage platform that breaks down storage silos for large enterprises.

What this means is that, rather than having to build out completely separate storage systems to deal with a constant flood of data,  you can use Isilon to easily scale out as needed. This not only ensures you have enough storage to meet your needs, but it also greatly reduces the cost of transferring petabytes of data in order to make it accessible for analytics.

Other benefits of Isilon include its agnostic nature, giving you the freedom to store and optimize unstructured data on-premises or in any cloud platform, as well as the easy governance regardless of where your data resides.

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Combining Isilon + Dell EMC


Since Isilon resides under the Dell EMC umbrella, the hardware provider offers a number of tailored products to help you accelerate workloads, quickly increase capacity, and protect aging data that may once again become relevant to your enterprise.

Altogether, it’s designed to help make unstructured data storage simpler.

You can check out the suite of Dell EMC hardware here, along with a handful of success stories from industries as diverse as medical research and driver-assistance technology, to major Hollywood blockbusters. 

Optimize for continued success

Unstructured data is only going to grow in availability and usage, so ensuring you have the right tools in place to capitalize on it is critical for remaining competitive.

Isilon is not the only solution on the market, but it’s one we often recommend for our clients to utilize in order to optimize and simplify their large-data workloads.

Learn more about how to optimize your data storage through the hybrid cloud. Download our free eBook, A Guide to Managing and Scaling Your Unstructured Data in a Hybrid Cloud.

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A Guide to Managing and Scaling Your Unstructured Data in a Hybrid Cloud

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