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Running Financial Analytics Teams in an Agile Environment

By Kyle Clubb | Posted on January 21, 2022 | Posted in Cloud Adoption, Data & Analytics

Data has always been a critical component of the financial industry.

Now that institutions have access to an unprecedented amount of information—and to tools that rapidly mine that information for insights—it’s more important than ever to have analytics teams in place that are able to work efficiently.

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In our new educational video, Redapt’s Practice Director of Advanced Analytics, Kyle Clubb, dives deep into how financial organizations can build and manage analytics teams to be their most effective.

During this video, you will learn:

  • The various ways organizations can arrive at the truth from their data
  • What an experiment involving spaghetti and a marshmallow can teach us about utilizing data
  • How the combination of data and intuition can lead to powerful insights
  • Redapt’s foundation for improving advanced analytics capabilities

You can watch the video by hitting the link below. And for more on advanced analytics, make sure to check out our guide Advancing Your Advanced Analytics Capabilities.