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Tech We Like: CloudFix

By Redapt Marketing | Posted on September 15, 2023 | Posted in Cloud Migration and Adoption, Tech We Like

Managing AWS resources and optimizing costs has become increasingly challenging for businesses. Keeping up with AWS advisories, identifying potential savings opportunities, and implementing recommended fixes efficiently is difficult. A recent McKinsey report highlights the significance of technology trends, including cloud-edge computing in shaping the macroeconomic environment. It notes the projection of double-digit growth for edge computing signifies its growing importance in various sectors.

The Problem it Solves

Organizations find it challenging to track and act upon all the recommended fixes, leading to missed opportunities for significant savings. This is where CloudFix steps in to revolutionize the AWS cost optimization landscape.



Save nonstop on AWS - easily & automatically | CloudFix


AWS Advisories are essential for staying up-to-date with AWS best practices, but they can be overwhelming to manage. The increasing complexity of AWS environments makes it harder than ever to achieve clarity and efficiency in cost optimization. In addition, CloudFix's platform offers sustainability advantages by optimizing resource usage, promoting green computing practices, and reducing environmental impact. Its decentralized approach and scalability options contribute to energy efficiency and support green initiatives.

How it Works: Roomba for AWS Savings

CloudFix’s platform is a powerful tool that automatically identifies, implements, and drives compliance with AWS-recommended fixes, resulting in significant cost optimization and efficiency gains. Imagine having a smart Roomba for your AWS environment that continuously monitors all AWS advisories, scans your accounts, and automatically implements the appropriate AWS-recommended fixes. That's precisely what CloudFix does. CloudFix specifically identifies and only runs the optimization opportunities that require no service interruptions. With over 15 years of expertise on AWS and strong partnerships, CloudFix uses a two-fold approach to deliver results: "finders" and "fixers." The CloudFix experts find the recommendations that are 100% risk-free and turn them into “fixers” – straightforward optimizations that can be run automatically with zero service interruption.


Example: Finder/Fixer (Gp2Gp3)


Asset 50@3x


One of CloudFix's many finders and fixers is the Gp2Gp3 finder/fixer. CloudFix automatically migrates Elastic Block Store (EBS) gp2 volumes to gp3, resulting in cost savings without impacting performance. General Purpose (gp3) volumes offer better value than gp2 volumes with higher throughput rates, separate provisioning of IOPS and throughput from storage capacity, and the same level of durability and availability. This translates to real savings and faster decision-making for your FinOps and Engineering teams.


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Enhancing Organizational Security with Redapt’s Technical Maturity Model

Getting started with CloudFix is quick and straightforward. On average, it takes just two days to set up the CloudFix software. Within two weeks or less, organizations begin realizing savings, and in just two months, many exceed a 2x return on investment (ROI). For organizations looking to incorporate CloudFix into their existing Managed Service Provider (MSP) practices, Redapt offers the following:


Why Customers Love CloudFix

The benefits of CloudFix go beyond just finding potential savings. Here's why customers are falling in love with this powerful AWS cost optimization solution:

  • On average, organizations see up to 60% in savings for various AWS services. These substantial cost reductions can have a significant impact on your bottom line. 
  • By automating the fix implementation process, CloudFix frees up valuable engineering resources allowing your team to focus on strategic initiatives rather than spending countless hours manually addressing AWS advisories.
  • CloudFix ensures your infrastructure remains aligned with AWS best practices, which not only saves costs but also enhances the overall performance and security of your AWS environment.


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Trust Redapt and CloudFix with your AWS Cost Savings Needs

Redapt and CloudFix is your ultimate partner in achieving significant AWS cost optimization. With its automated "finders" and "fixers," you can unlock compounding savings, preserve valuable resources, and maintain AWS best-practice alignment. Say goodbye to the tedious task of managing AWS advisories manually. Embrace CloudFix, and let the Roomba of AWS savings do the work for you. 

Learn more about how Redapt and CloudFix can empower your organization to achieve unparalleled savings and efficiency in your AWS environment. Start your journey towards a more optimized and cost-effective AWS infrastructure today!