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Slash Cloud Costs by 70% with Redapt's Container Cost Optimization with AWS and AMD Offering

By David Cantu | Posted on January 31, 2024 | Posted in Amazon Web Services (AWS), Cloud, AMD, containers

Get ready to revolutionize your cloud spending with our Container Cost Optimization offering, powered by the best-in-class combination of AWS solutions and AMD EPYC processors. This game-changing offering will help your organization unlock dramatic cost savings, optimize performance, and provide enhanced sustainability for your containerized workloads, all without compromising on quality.

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Cut the cord on high cloud costs

  • Reduce your cloud infrastructure costs by up to 70% with a holistic approach to optimization encompassing hardware, purchase options, scaling techniques, and observability tools. 
  • Say goodbye to resource waste. Our solution could foster a 3.6x increase in energy efficiency and an 88% reduction in carbon footprint compared to traditional data centers.

Performance and resilience you can trust

  • Experience seamless auto-scaling that can dynamically allocate resources for optimal cost and performance, ensuring your applications always run at peak efficiency. 
  • AIOps-powered insights leverage advanced data analysis to minimize downtime and improve problem resolution times. 

The power of AWS and AMD

  • AMD EPYC processors lead the pack in x86 CPU energy efficiency, consuming less power than comparable hardware. 
  • Faster application performance and improved solving time are hallmarks of AWS EC2 instances powered by EPYC. 
  • Simplified migration with seamless application and instance size compatibility.

Tailored optimization, guaranteed results

  • Redapt's expert team crafts personalized optimization strategies for your specific container deployments across your entire AWS portfolio. 
  • Our custom Redapt Technology Evolution Playbook (RTEP) ensures your cloud environment aligns perfectly with your business priorities and cost goals. 
  • Guaranteed 95% utilization and 30% average MRC savings through our managed reserved instance program, with a flexible 60-day contract. 
What are you waiting for? Slash cloud costs today with our Container Cost Optimization offering.