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An Aerospace Manufacturing Company’s Data Transformation Journey

Recognizing the need for a robust, agile, and future-ready data solution, an aerospace manufacturing company turned to Redapt to migrate and modernize its data warehouse infrastructure to Microsoft Azure.

In a nutshell ...

In the rapidly evolving world of technology, staying ahead of the curve is not just an advantage; it is a necessity. An aerospace manufacturing company, a global leader in advanced composites technology, faced this challenge. With a legacy data warehouse system rooted in on-premises infrastructure, an aerospace manufacturing company found updating financial models time-consuming, taking anywhere from 12 to 24 hours, and often involving cumbersome manual processes. This delay in data processing was more than an inconvenience; it was a bottleneck in making prompt, critical business decisions. 

Recognizing the need for a robust, agile, and future-ready data solution, an aerospace manufacturing company turned to Redapt. Redapt, in collaboration with Microsoft, was tasked with a mission-critical project: migrating and modernizing the company’s data warehouse infrastructure to Microsoft Azure. This initiative promised to streamline data processes and open doors to innovative possibilities like artificial intelligence and predictive analytics. 

The Challenge

Overcoming legacy limitations

The core challenge at the aerospace manufacturing company revolved around their existing data warehouse infrastructure. Anchored in a legacy, on-premises environment, the system slowed down the data processing and impeded the company's ability to adapt to modern technologies and methodologies. The primary pain point was the extensive time required to update financial models — a critical function for any forward-looking business. This process, which took between 12 to 24 hours, relied heavily on manual interventions, compounding the risk of errors and inefficiencies. 

This sluggish and outdated system was more than a technical issue; it was a strategic barrier. In an age where data-driven decisions must be made rapidly to stay competitive, the organization's legacy system was a roadblock to innovation and agility. The need for a transformation was clear and urgent — a transformation that would not only revamp their data processes but also lay the groundwork for future advancements in areas like AI and machine learning.

The Redapt Solution

Architecting a future-ready infrastructure

Redapt's approach to the company's challenges was multifaceted and strategic. Collaborating closely with Microsoft, Redapt embarked on a journey to migrate the aerospace manufacturing company’s data infrastructure to the cloud and modernize it comprehensively. The team at Redapt understood that this was more than a simple transfer of data; it was about creating a foundation to support the company's ambitious future goals. 

The solution involved several key steps: 

  1. Architecting the Azure solution 
    Redapt designed a tailor-made solution using Microsoft Azure. This step was crucial in ensuring that the new infrastructure would meet the customer’s current needs and be scalable for future demands.
  2. Building the landing zone
    A secure and well-structured landing zone was established in Azure. This acted as a foundation for hosting the customer's applications and data securely and efficiently. 
  3. Migration and modernization  
    The process of migrating from the old system to the new Azure environment was meticulously planned and executed. This included moving existing data, applications, and services. 
  4. Automating ETL processes 
    To ensure data integrity and streamline operations, Redapt developed an automated Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) process. This automation was vital in maintaining data quality and consistency, eliminating the manual processes that bogged down the old system. 

Through these steps, Redapt transported the aerospace manufacturing company’s data to a new platform and transformed how the company could interact with and leverage its data. The new Azure infrastructure was primed to handle large-scale data processes more efficiently, significantly reducing the time required to update financial models. 


Agile methodologies and project velocity

A significant aspect of Redapt's intervention at the aerospace manufacturing company was introducing and adopting agile development methodologies. This shift was more than a change in the software development process; it transformed the company's approach to project management and execution. Agile methodologies brought dynamism and efficiency to the organization's operations, allowing for more rapid and responsive project development. 

The adoption of agile methodologies led to several fundamental changes: 

  • Increased project velocity  
    By embracing agile practices, the company accelerated the pace of its projects. This increase in speed was not just about faster completion times but also about being more responsive to changes and new opportunities.  
  • Prioritization and management of work  
    Before Redapt's involvement, the organization faced challenges managing a large, unified backlog that spanned multiple work streams. Agile methodologies helped break down this monolithic structure into manageable segments, allowing for more effective prioritization and execution of tasks. 

The impact of these changes was profound. The company’s teams became more adaptable and capable of handling multiple projects with greater efficiency and focus. This shift improved project outcomes and fostered a culture of continuous improvement and innovation within the organization. 


Business benefits and innovation

The technological advancements implemented by Redapt went beyond mere infrastructure improvements; they brought tangible business benefits to the aerospace manufacturing company. One of the most significant impacts was on the organization’s ability to make data-driven decisions. Updating financial models with the new automated data infrastructure became much quicker and more efficient. This shift allowed the customer to base critical business decisions on current information, greatly enhancing its strategic agility. 

The business benefits: 

  • Real-time data insights  
    The new system enabled the aerospace manufacturing company to view and analyze data with minimal lag, providing leaders with timely insights to make informed decisions. 
  • Readiness for artificial intelligence 
    Well-structured and clean data paved the way for the customer to explore advanced technologies like artificial intelligence. This readiness for AI positions the organization not just to react to current trends but to anticipate and shape future ones. 

Beyond these immediate benefits, the project laid a foundation for the aerospace manufacturing company to transition from a reactive stance, relying on historical data, to a proactive one, predicting and preparing for future outcomes. This predictive capability could be a game-changer in their industry, offering significant competitive advantages.


A new era of technological excellence for the aerospace manufacturing company

The collaboration between the aerospace manufacturing company and Redapt marked a turning point for the company, signifying a technological upgrade and a strategic revolution. The aerospace manufacturing company has positioned itself at the forefront of innovation in its industry by moving to a modern, cloud-based data warehouse with automated processes and adopting agile methodologies. The project's success has opened new avenues for the company, enabling them to harness the full potential of their data and make decisions with unprecedented speed and accuracy. 

The journey of transformation undertaken by the aerospace manufacturing company, with the expert guidance of Redapt, serves as a powerful testament to the value of embracing digital change. The organization now stands ready to delve into artificial intelligence and predictive analytics, further solidifying its position as a leader in advanced composites technology. 

As the aerospace manufacturing company looks to the future, it does so with a robust, scalable, and cutting-edge data infrastructure, ready to meet the challenges of tomorrow and continue its legacy of innovation.


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