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All About Redapt's Ready Ship Program

By Redapt Marketing | Posted on June 1, 2017 | Posted in Infrastructure

Ensure on time delivery, every time

Delays in technology deployments are costly to an organization.  Especially when business critical projects rely on new capacity to get started. With Ready Ship, we stock your critical data center equipment and deliver it right on time.  If your IT operations team needs predictable product lead times, we can help.

Ready Ship Includes:

1. Service Level Agreement

Together, our teams establish a Ready Ship SLA that covers:

  • Standard Products
  • Product Quantities on Hand
  • Required Lead Times
  • Pricing and Volume
  • Streamlined Order Process

2. Supply Chain Management

Redapt takes responsibility of the supply chain and exceeding the SLA standards.  You no longer need to manage multiple vendors and lead times.  Now you can focus efforts in other areas of your business that offer more value.

3. Integration and Staging

For most customers, receiving a box on time is only part of Ready Ship value.  Our integration process configures each device to your specifications and tests its components.  This ensures your equipment is ready for production upon delivery.

If your configurations vary per project, no problem.  Our process allows for flexible integration options and same day shipping.

4. Dedicated Team and Portal

Ready Ship customers get a dedicated Redapt resource to assist them.  They also have access to our customer portal where they can access all program data.

Processing data center infrastructure order can be a whole lot easier.

If you're interested in our program, contact us to learn more.  We create Ready Ship programs customized to your requirements.