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Tech We Like: Data Warehouse Automation with TimeXtender

By Redapt Marketing | Posted on September 21, 2021 | Posted in Tech We Like, Data Management and Analytics, Enterprise IT and Infrastructure

When helping companies deploy their data for strategic advantage, our data and analytics teams routinely face an expanding volume of data coming in while simultaneously managing data going out to a growing number of teams for analytics and artificial intelligence (AI).  

To meet these challenges, while adhering to security standards and navigating legacy code, we rely on TimeXtender’s automated data management platform.

What we like about TimeXtender

TimeXtender has spent 15 years building an automated data management platform that does the work of building and managing a data warehouse.  

With the platform, our project managers and data engineers can build a data estate on-premises or in the cloud (or both), and they can do it much faster, with complete governance and documentation. 

In addition, TimeXtender accelerates the process of upgrading new database technology by automating the code writing process. Then, all our teams have to do is select the new database technology from a menu and the rest of the work is done automatically. 

Doing things faster changes everything

Reducing cycle times with automation is a virtuous cycle that delivers exponential gains.  

TimeXtender makes it possible for us to brainstorm new ideas with our clients and rapidly prototype them for testing. Every speed gain reduces the friction for this type of experimentation—unleashing tremendous business value for our customers.

TimeXtender is the key for keeping up with new technology from Microsoft

Since TimeXtender is specifically designed to work with the Microsoft data stack, each time Microsoft introduces new capabilities, the platform incorporates those capabilities into its automation and does all of the necessary rewritings of the underlying code.  

This is particularly powerful when our clients are growing their data volumes rapidly and need the new capabilities Microsoft is building in Azure Synapse, Azure Data Lake, and Azure Data Factory.

What we do with the time TimeXtender saves us

Our clients have big plans. When we use the automation from TimeXtender to save time building a data warehouse, our data engineers, project managers, and data analysts are able to spend their valuable time on higher-value activities like finding and incorporating new data sources, improving performance, and deploying new technology like machine learning.

You can learn more about TimeXtender in our upcoming webinar “Overcome the 3 Most Common Data Challenges in the Cloud” presented by Redapt Director of Advanced Analytics Kyle Clubb and TimeXtender’s Solutions Specialist Director Josh Treadwell.

You can register for this free webinar here, and if you reserve your spot now, you will be entered to win a $100 gift card.