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Tools to Make IT Life Easier in the Age of Remote Work

By Matt Francis | Posted on October 27, 2022 | Posted in Dell EMC, Security

The seismic shift to remote work has been challenging for IT teams across industries.

From ensuring that employees have the tools they need to be their most efficient and productive, to maintaining proper security when teams are out of pocket, the list of potential headaches is long.

Thankfully, answers exist to ease the burden on beleaguered IT. Two of these answers are the topics of our latest solution briefs.


On the efficiency and productivity front, we dive into how Dell EMC PowerEdge infrastructure with third generation Intel Xeon scalable processors allow businesses to streamline architecture, reduce hardware friction and latency, and utilize security built on a cyber-resilient architecture—three important factors in managing an increase in remote work. We also highlight how Redapt integration experts can provide you with a ready-ship solution.

In our second brief, our focus is on achieving digital transformation with purpose-built infrastructure.


Specifically, Dell EMC PowerEdge infrastructure with third generation Intel Xeon scalable processors, in coordination with hyper optimization by Redapt experts, can accelerate digital transformation so you can achieve the three goals: increased innovation, adaptability to emerging technologies, and growth.

You can find these two new solution briefs here and here.