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Use Case: Efficient Site Operations

By Redapt Marketing | Posted on October 15, 2016 | Posted in Operations

Next generation web-scale and SaaS organizations are disrupting industries by developing more effective and innovative ways of doing business.

In doing so, their primary applications are designed to be resilient independently of hardware redundancy.  When computing nodes fail, or disk drives go offline, today's applications continue to operate.  In the modern application era, 24x7 site operations and 2-hour service level agreements are unnecessary costs.

Many of our SaaS and Web Scale customers face the challenge of efficiently maintaining their infrastructure across multiple globally distributed data centers.  Outstanding device reliability combined with resilient application architectures often results in a minimal site operations workload.

In this situation, consider leveraging Redapt's site operations solution.  We already have site operations talent in many of the world's strategically located data center hubs.  They are capable of keeping your infrastructure operating.

Our Site Operations Team:

  • Performs Device Maintenance
  • Installs Device Upgrades
  • Develop, Maintain and Follow Standard Operating Procedures
  • Site Inventory Management
  • OEM Warranty Processing
  • More

Our Service Includes:

  • ServiceNow Ticket Management System
  • Customer Portal
  • Custom Reports

Customer Benefits:

  • Efficient Site Operations Model
  • Ticket Creation Automation via API
  • Engineering Staff focus on Innovation instead of Operations

Learn more today. Schedule a call with our team of site operations experts!