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Use Case: Establish DevOps - Realize Accelerated App Development

By Redapt Marketing | Posted on November 8, 2016 | Posted in DevOps

Transition from Ad Hoc Deployments to Streamlined DevOps Processes

Establishing a DevOps organization goes beyond defining processes and selecting DevOps tools.  DevOps is an organizational culture that continuously innovates by automating processes, measuring results and using feedback loops to define areas for further improvement.  DevOps is now mainstream, but for many, the process of getting started and gaining executive support may still be a battle.  That's where Redapt's DevOps transformation workshops can help.

As an example, we assisted a biotech company in establishing a DevOps organization and processes.  Our customer wanted to accelerate their application development cycles while implementing role based governance into their CI/CD process.  Additionally, their team needed training and enablement on their selected DevOps tooling.

Redapt delivered:

  • Implementation of Ansible with Best PracticesConversion of Legacy Scripts and Configuration Files to Ansible Templates
  • Integration of Ansible Playbooks into GoCD for Continuous Deployment
  • Documentation of Processes
  • Training and Enablement on DevOps Tools and Technology

Customer Benefits:

  • DevOps efforts gained Executive Support for Further Investment
  • Standardized Deployment resulted in IT Operations Efficiency
  • Accelerated DevOps Adoption Process and Learning Curve
  • Improved Efficiency: Manual to Automated
  • Automation increased Quality