The Redapt approach

We believe in providing clarity throughout the DevOps enablement process so your team can quickly be brought up to speed. We will:

  • Develop DevOps Enablement Strategy
  • Manage Enablement Process
  • Train Your Team
  • Oversee Integration of DevOps in Your Workflow

Core services

Redapt consultants and engineers can help you significantly increase your capabilities via DevOps enablement.

  • DevOps strategy consultation

    to walk you through the DevOps enablement process.

  • DevOps assessment

    in partnership with the DevOps Research Institute to bring a scientific approach to solving challenges.

  • DevOps automation platform integration

    to bring your developers quickly up to speed.

  • CI/CD workflow integration

    to accelerate the way your organization deploys code.

Success Story

Erasing Technical Debt for a Major Dot Com

When a well-established dot com recognized it was falling behind competitors entering the market, it partnered with Redapt to revolutionize the way it developed products.

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Additional resources

Learn more about what Redapt’s DevOps enablement services can do for you.



Unlocking the Potential of Modern Datacenters

By investing in modern datacenters, companies large and small can leverage the power of the cloud to save money, streamline workflow, increase productivity, maximize data capital, and fully transform into a digital enterprise.


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