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Anthos at the Edge

When Mojix, a leading software company, was developing the next generation of its retail edge platform, they needed a way to manage thousands of in-store applications across the globe. Redapt helped implement a solution.

In a nutshell...

The problem

Mojix was working on security and supply chain software stack that could be deployed at thousands of retail locations for clients. These stacks acted much like micro datacenters, which meant the company needed a way to manage them efficiently.

The solution

Redapt developed a proof of concept solution built upon Google Cloud's Anthos due to its native Kubernetes support and its ability to scale the management of clusters across thousands of micro datacenters.

The outcome

Mojix was able to build a custom tech stack with the confidence of knowing its platform was available to handle the future management and operations needs of its customers. Not only that, but the company adopted Anthos as a foundation of its edge solution product to help deliver Kubernetes across customer platforms.

Moment of clarity

Although Mojix was already somewhat familiar with Anthos, it quickly became apparent the company would benefit from a proof of concept deployment of the platform. This would help Mojix quickly shift focus towards the development of its innovative edge solution and accelerate its time to market.


What the company needed

Mojix was working on a next generation retail security solution that could be deployed to retail locations nationwide. 

Since each location would in essence act like a micro-datacenter, the company was looking for ways it could efficiently manage its technology solution across thousands of locations.

In addition, Mojix had only recently moved from VMs to Kubernetes, which meant it needed a solution that could be relatively easy to onboard.

While Mojix had heard of Anthos, the company was interested in learning more about its potential as a platform for Mojix's edge solution.

Our recommendation

  • A proof of concept of Anthos with Redapt’s own datacenter acting as a retail location.
  • Deployment of Moijx’s software stack to an Anthos cluster for testing.
  • Integration of custom technology from Mojix’s corporate network into our datacenter.

The end result

Mojix was able to move forward with its edge solution knowing it would have the ability to manage its micro datacenters at scale.

  • redapt_icon_anthos Anthos integration capabilities

    for when Mojix's edge solution was ready.

  • person-with-plus_redapt_icon_1_World copy 31 Proof of concept results

    to measure against when deploying Anthos.

  • redapt_icon_handshake-partner-relationship-team-trust A global integration partner

    to deploy Mojix's edge solution to retail customers.

  • redapt_icon_lightbulb-knowledge Peace of mind for Mojix

    since it could confidently move forward with its ambitious edge-to-cloud solution.

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