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Bringing an Operator to the Game

When a major video game developer wanted to adopt Kubernetes in order to scale for its expanding player base, Redapt developed a roadmap for them to make it happen.

In a nutshell

The problem

The company’s signature video game title was always online, with players from around the world constantly connecting. While the company was well-versed in running its applications on VMs, in order to better serve their players and reduce the need for always available personnel, they wanted to move to a modern development environment centered around containers.

The solution

Redapt worked with the company to transition their developers from working with VMs to DevOps, containers, and Kubernetes.

The outcome

The company was able to greatly accelerate their development process while reducing the need for always-available personnel to manually manage applications during potential downtime. In addition, the company was able to reduce costs due to no longer needing to be beholden to a single cloud provider.

Moment of clarity

Given the complexity of the company’s game when it came to having a consistent player base at all hours in every time zone, they needed a way to speed up their development and deployment without major disruptions to the game itself.


What the company needed

The company’s game had hundreds of thousands of players connected to servers at the same time. Their reliance on applications running inside VMs made scaling during peak usage times a challenge, and if one VM went down, it required having staff on hand at all times in order to bring it back online.

In addition, the company was bound to a single cloud provider, which could dictate network egress at a substantial cost. Because of this, the company needed a way to modernize its development practices in a way that would accelerate development while also being cloud platform agnostic.

Our recommendation

  • Adoption of DevOps in order to increase development velocity while reducing staffing costs.
  • Containers and Kubernetes to allow for simultaneous development and flexibility in development platform, from on-premises to a choice in cloud services.
  • A Kubernetes operator to automate the creation and destruction of pods via a customized scheduler and make additional scale decisions based on container states.

The end result

Through its work with Redapt, the company was able to make a smooth transition to modern development practices.

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  • Reduced costs

    in staffing and cloud services.

  • Accelerated development

    through the adoption of DevOps and Kubernetes.

  • Automation and single pane of glass visibility

    on the state of containers and clusters being worked on.

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