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Helping Keep WideOrbit’s Cloud Costs in Line with Expectations

Premium broadcast technology provider WideOrbit wanted expert assistance with keeping a watchful eye on its cloud usage. That’s why they partnered with Redapt to implement the CloudHealth by VMware solution.

In a nutshell . . .

The problem

WideOrbit is very active in the cloud. With so many projects in motion and to avoid runaway costs, it needed a way to have ongoing visibility into its cloud usage.

The solution

The company partnered with Redapt for ongoing monitoring of its cloud environments, including spending by the environment, daily product spends with discounts, monthly cost trends by projects, and more.

The outcome

WideOrbit can now use monthly granular snapshots of its cloud spend—powered by CloudHealth by VMware—to better forecast usage, understand where and how its cloud environments are being used, and ensure projects in motion are staying within budget.

Moment of clarity

Once WideOrbit was in the cloud, it realized it needed the help of experts to monitor and control its cloud usage for optimal performance and cost savings.


What the company needed

As the privately-held leader in premium broadcast technology and the largest sell-side processor of premium digital and linear advertising, WideOrbit has an army of developers working on new products and services for its customers.

Given the company’s fast-paced development cycles, it needs consistent and thorough monitoring of its environments within Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to ensure costs stay in line with budgets and expectations.

Our recommendation

After working with WideOrbit to identify the insights it was looking for, we recommended leveraging CloudHealth by VMware for consistent monitoring of the company’s GCP usage. This monitoring includes:

  • Monthly spend by environment
  • Monthly costs per product category
  • Daily product spend with discounts
  • Monthly cost trends by project
  • Incident and spike alerts

The end result

WideOrbit continues to utilize Redapt’s expert managed services team for monthly reporting on cloud usage and alert monitoring.

  • GCP_Google_Virtual_Desktop_Package_Card_Icon Granular visibility

    into GCP usage.

  • redapt_icon_solution-benefit_cloud-spend-cost-expense Ability to confidently forecast

     cloud spend.

  • redapt_icon_solution-benefit_solutions-cloud-app-1 Trusted oversight

    of potential spikes in usage.

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