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From Dipping Toes into Containerization to Diving into K8s

When an iconic gaming company was ready to go all in on Kubernetes, they partnered with Redapt for help.

In a nutshell

The problem

The IT ops team in charge of maintaining infrastructure was not up to speed on using containers and Kubernetes. As more and more development teams within the company were embracing a DevOps culture, the ops team needed to quickly catch up.

The solution

Redapt took the company through every step of deploying Kubernetes to accelerate their development process and drastically reduce potential downtimes.

The outcome

The company’s team is now able to utilize and manage containers and Kubernetes. In addition, downtimes that would have previously lasted for hours and even days were reduced to just 15 minutes.

Moment of clarity

Realizing their scattered development teams were at risk of fracturing when it came to development processes, the organization determined they needed to accelerate the adoption of DevOps, containers, and Kubernetes throughout their organization.


What the company needed

With development teams around the world, some of which were already starting to use Kubernetes, the company’s ops team in charge of maintaining infrastructure was still relatively in the dark on how to put Kubernetes to work. They also needed automation put in place to ensure that potential downtimes were not catastrophic.

Our recommendation

19.11_app-download_redapt_icon_1Deployment of Rancher to centrally manage Kubernetes clusters and ensure application security.

19.11_checklist_redapt_icon_1Testing of 2000 nodes to ensure their infrastructure was capable of handling the new development process.

19.11_rotating-checkmark_redapt_icon_1Automated backups every hour to different regions in order to greatly reduce downtime.

The end result

  • DevOps, containers, and Kubernetes capabilities

    for the company’s ops team.

  • Infrastructure upgrades and enhancements

    to handle new development processes.

  • Automated backups

    to reduce downtimes from potential days to a mere 15 minutes.

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