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Helping eCommerce Company Lulus Scale Better, Faster, and Cheaper

When Lulus, a privately-held fashion lounge retailer, achieved a scale that was leading to runaway costs, it partnered with Redapt to move its eCommerce platform to the Google Cloud Platform.

In a nutshell

The problem

Because Lulus was running its eCommerce platform on colo hosting, it incurred huge costs from upgraded hardware as its platform grew. The company needed a way to reduce its costs while modernizing its services to allow for scale and cost efficiencies.

The solution

After extensive analysis, Redapt worked with Lulus to modernize its existing eCommerce application to run on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). This process began with a pilot program involving a few of its services. Once the findings from the program were in, Lulus accelerate its migration in partnership with Google.

The outcome

Lulus realized an immediate 15% reduction in costs by migrating to GCP and building a foundation that could scale quickly and easily.

Moment of clarity

It became clear that Lulus would benefit greatly from moving to a cloud provider. And since it uses several products from the Google ecosystem, GCP was a natural fit.


What the company needed

Lulus needed guidance in choosing and migrating to a cloud provider that best fit its needs. 

Redapt worked with Lulus to conduct a joint architecture and design session to help the company understand the value of GCP and Kubernetes. We also helped Lulus implement a pilot program that resulted in the modernization of its existing solution. Once the program was completed, Redapt created a strategy and migration plan for Lulus to move its entire platform to GCP.

Our recommendation

  • Joint architecture and design session to help Lulus understand the value of GCP and Kubernetes.

  • A pilot program where some of Lulus’ services were migrated to GCP for testing.

  • Hashicorp Terraform Automation to help in the setting up of Lulus’ infrastructure in GCP.

  • Spend monitoring during and after the migration to realize cost savings.
  • Utilization of the following technologies: Compute Engine/Kubernetes (GKE), Load Balancing, Cloud VPN, Memory Store, KMS, Pub/Sub, Cloud Build, Cloud Storage, Virtual Private Cloud, Network Security, and Stackdriver.

The end result

Through its partnership with Redapt, Lulus was able to construct a better scaling platform while reducing costs.

  • An immediate 15% cost reduction

    following the migration.

  • Ability to scale

    as needed without a major investment.

  • Modernized eCommerce platform

    and development process to efficiently provide better service to customers.

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