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Kickstarting Higher Performance

When healthcare organization, Verisma, required database optimization expertise to improve the customer experience, it partnered with Redapt on a solution.

In a nutshell

Verisma relies on its cloud-based database infrastructure to provide the secure and compliant release of healthcare records to health organizations.

To reduce risk and improve the customer experience, the company partnered with Redapt to optimize its database. Redapt provided strategic guidance, installed additional servers, and updated processes to improve performance in key areas like backup and monitoring.

The problem

Verisma depends heavily on the timely and accurate presentation of its reporting environment. Analytical processing was taking far longer than initially expected, causing reports to its customers to be delayed.

The solution

Redapt conducted a detailed assessment of Verisma’s database infrastructure, which elucidated optimization opportunities. Redapt then created a step-by-step path and a timeline to successfully realize those optimizations.

The outcome

Verisma now has a clear set of goals for modernizing its database infrastructure, dramatically decreasing the time required for analytical processing and report dissemination. Database backup methodology has also been improved by eliminating unnecessary redundancy, saving extra cost to Verisma in required storage space.

Moment of clarity

When Verisma realized its database performance had begun to have a critical impact on daily activities, we determined that the best way to meet the company’s optimization goals was to augment its database with additional servers.

What the company needed

As a trusted expert in the handling of protected health information, Verisma needed its primary database to perform better. It couldn’t meet Verisma’s goals of risk reduction and faster response times for customers.

Insufficient database infrastructure had become a major roadblock, taking up time that the Verisma team wanted to dedicate elsewhere. To turn the corner and elevate the customer experience, Verisma needed solutions for foundational components like backup, monitoring, and disaster recovery.

Our recommendation

Through end-to-end installation and optimization of the new servers, Redapt focused on building the strong database infrastructure that Verisma had been missing. We recommended:

  • Full-service oversight of server assembly, testing, delivery, and installation
  • Backup optimization through updates to replication and snapshotting
  • Improved monitoring of the key metrics of system health

The end result

With an optimized primary database as a firm foundation, Verisma is now able to focus on solution-specific portions of its application rather than essential components.

  • Robust
    database infrastructure

  • Streamlined
    capture and restoration of backups

  • Reliable
    disaster recovery measures

  • Clear
    view of system health and stability

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