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Major Restaurant Group Automates to Gain Efficiencies

When a major restaurant group needed a way to quickly cleanse and analyze data from hundreds of separate resources, they turned to the Redapt Rapid Data Platform Modernization program.

In a nutshell ...

The company owned hundreds of franchise locations, and over the years their ability to effectively analyze and utilize data had become extremely fragmented. 

Through the Redapt Rapid Data Platform Modernization program, we were able to quickly design and build a modern data platform that unified their data and put them in a position to make smart decisions faster.

The problem

With hundreds of franchise locations and even more points of sale, the company was lacking the ability to ensure the data it received was consistent. This made analyzing and using the flood of information they received daily a challenge.

The solution

The Redapt Rapid Data Platform Modernization program is designed to provide companies like theirs with a cohesive, scalable, and secure platform to unify data and make it possible to apply advanced analytics models.

The outcome

With a unified platform in place, the company is now able to better police the quality of its data. They also have the infrastructure in place to leverage advanced analytics tools and artificial intelligence and machine learning in order to make smarter decisions.

Moment of clarity

While our architecture is designed to help enterprises transform their data platform efficiently, the sheer amount and complexity of the company’s data required the implementation of Databricks on top of the architecture to achieve optimal performance and flexibility.


What the company needed

Years of expansion had resulted in the company having hundreds of disparate points of sale hardware. Some of this hardware was new, but much of it was older—and very few of them were able to deliver data in a consistent way.

Because of this, mining data for business intelligence and insights was beyond complicated. Not only did this slow down analytics for the company, it made it much harder to react quickly when problems or opportunities arose.

Our recommendation

By implementing the Rapid Data Platform Modernization program, we were able to build the company a modern data platform to capture and consistently cleanse data from all its locations into a centralized repository.

    • Modern data platform to unify data
    • Data lakes for analytics
    • Databricks for optimization and flexibility in workloads
    • Governance and security best practices to ensure data from different franchises were kept separate as needed

The end result

With the new data platform in place, the company is now able to put all its data to work effectively.

  • Single pane of glass visibility

    on all data regardless of its source.

  • Consistent standards

    in data quality.

  • Ability to leverage tools

    such as predictive analytics, AI, and ML.

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