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Putting Advanced Analytics to Work

When a global manufacturing company struggled to reliably feed enough data into its advanced analytics programs, Redapt helped the company come up with a solution.

In a nutshell

The problem

The company had all the data scientists and tools in place to run advanced analytics models. However, Redapt's client didn’t have enough data to put those models to work reliably.

The solution

Redapt helped the company catalog all its data sources and then created a platform for the constant stream of information to feed into.

The outcome

The company’s data scientists can now easily locate and utilize the amount of specific data they need to run advanced analytics.

Moment of clarity

Because the company’s manufacturing plants are scattered around the globe, Redapt recognized that the client needed a platform robust enough to handle a massive amount of data while still providing for the proper governance required by various legal and privacy restrictions.

What the company needed

With manufacturing plants in a number of different countries, each with a battery of different machines constantly producing data, the company’s data scientists were struggling to reliably utilize the amount of data needed to run their advanced analytics models effectively.

Compounding this issue was the fact that, given its global footprint, any solution to the company's data problem would need to satisfy a range of different regulatory requirements for how data is captured and stored.

Our recommendation

  • A single data warehousing platform for all the data the company produces to feed into, along with the ability for data scientists to create data lakes to run advanced analytics on specific data.
  • Stream processing for rapid queries on the flow of incoming data.
  • Strict governance in place to ensure regulations from different countries and regions are being met regardless of where advanced analytics are being run.

The end result

Through its work with Redapt, the company’s data scientists now have access to more than enough data to run advanced analytics, including artificial intelligence and machine learning programs. Because of this, the company can:

  • Quickly organize data

    into lakes for queries and complex algorithm models.

  • Ensure all data

    being used meets strict regulatory requirements for how it’s organized.

  • Put more data to work

    from more resources in its manufacturing facilities.

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