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Putting a Global Retailer on the Fast Track to Agile with K8s

When a global beverage retailer wanted to create a more agile development process, it turned to Redapt to help make it happen.

In a nutshell

The problem

The company was looking to employ Kubernetes (K8s) and transition its development from on-premises to the cloud.

The solution

Redapt guided the company through the use of K8s and helped smoothly migrate the company's data to the cloud.

The outcome

The company’s development is now much more agile, with the deployment times averaging 5-8 minutes rather than hours or even days.

Moment of clarity

After examining the company's blueprint to deploying K8s, Redapt recognized
that without the proper knowledge they were on a collision course with every
possible roadblock to adopting K8s and the cloud.


What the company needed

In an effort to streamline its development process, the company had already built out a Terraform installer for a K8s cluster in the cloud.

Unfortunately, their plan did not include day two operations help, which risked grinding any attempt at becoming more agile to a halt.

Our recommendation

  • A crash course on K8s to help the company understand how best to deploy and utilize them.
  • Building a smooth migration process of the company's data and applications from on-premises to the cloud.
  • Terraform projects to provision other cloud services such as EventHub.

The end result

Through its work with Redapt, the company has now confidently taken ownership and maintenance of their system. In addition they have:

  • Decreased deploy times

    to 5-8 minutes on average.

  • Increased deploy frequency

    to on demand instead of the previous weekly or bi-weekly.

  • Achieved a deploy success rate

    of 100 percent after vetting.

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