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Smarter Data Informed Decisions

When CPA and business advisory firm, Horne needed visibility in how its vendors were performing, it utilized the Redapt Rapid Data Platform Modernization program to change how it managed their data.

In a nutshell

Horne partnered with a number of outside vendors to help its client base of financial institutions, government services, and healthcare providers achieve its business goals.

To gain more visibility into its thousands of vendor relationships and to optimize its internal operations, Horne utilized the Redapt Rapid Data Platform Modernization program to unify its vendor data and achieve a single pane of glass visibility to vendor results.

The problem

As Horne had grown in size, so had its list of partner vendors. To optimize expenditures and verify the results from its vendors, the firm needed a better way to manage and monitor its vendor data.

The solution

Through the Rapid Data Platform Modernization program, Redapt efficiently moved Horne’s data from SFTP folders into the Azure SQL Data Warehouse. The data was then connected to the firm’s reporting service of choice.

The outcome

With its data securely moved to the Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Horne was able to achieve its desired outcome of greater visibility into vendor results. In addition, Horne was now able to represent those results in a graphical format.

Moment of clarity

With Horne’s vendor data stored in various formats, we determined that pulling all its information into the Azure SQL Data Warehouse would be the most efficient process to achieving its goals.


What the company needed

As a major provider of CPA and business advisory services, Horne utilized thousands of vendors. Each of these vendors produced disparate amounts of data that needed to be tracked and analyzed.

Over the years, this vendor data had been stored in a number of different formats, including CSV. To better track and manage all its data, the firm needed a way to unify vendor data information in a way that provided both accessibility and the ability to represent results graphically—all while ensuring proper governance and security processes were in place.

Our recommendation

Through the Redapt Rapid Data Platform Modernization program, Redapt successfully moved all of Horne’s vendor data to the cloud. Among our recommendations were:

  • Azure SQL Data Warehouse for a processing pipeline
  • Unification of data within a data lake
  • Single pane of glass visibility of vendor data for graphical reporting

The end result

With its vendor data all in one place, the firm is now able to efficiently monitor and analyze vendor results.

  • Consistent standards

    for all its vendor data.

  • New ability

    to graphically represent analysis.

  • Greater efficiency

    in analysis and reporting.

  • Strict governance and security measures

    to protect client and vendor data.

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