ASP.NET Framework to ASP.NET Core Offering

Migrate your legacy ASP.NET Framework applications to the modern and performant ASP.NET Core with the help of our experts. Upgrading to ASP.NET Core offers a trifecta of benefits: your applications will be faster, easier to develop, and more sustainable to maintain in the future.


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    Enhanced Application Performance

    Experience significant improvements in speed and responsiveness, which translates to significant cost savings.
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    Reduced Development Costs

    Benefit from easier maintenance and future updates.
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    Improved Security

    Leverage the latest security features of ASP.NET Core.
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    Future-proofed Development

    Stay ahead of the curve with a modern development platform.

Package overview

  • Expert Analysis
    We will conduct a thorough evaluation of your existing application to understand its complexity and dependencies.
  • Incremental Migration Strategy
    We prioritize key components for migration, minimizing disruption and ensuring a smooth transition.
  • Code Modernization
    We refactor and optimize your codebase to eliminate legacy practices and embrace modern .NET standards.
  • Performance Optimization
    We fine-tune your application for optimal performance in the ASP.NET Core environment.
  • Comprehensive Testing
    We rigorously test your migrated application to ensure seamless functionality.

Get started with ASP.NET Framework to ASP.NET Core Offering

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