Vulnerability Scanning

Keep your environments and web applications secure in AWS with regular vulnerability scanning from Redapt utilizing best practices and AWS-native security tools.


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    Increased security

    Leverage consistent and unlimited scanning of your environments to reveal vulnerabilities and flag anomalies quickly.
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    Rapid implementation

    Fully implement security and scanning protocols in just 2-3 days.
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    Regular reporting

    Receive reporting about your AWS environments on your desired schedule—whether that’s weekly, monthly, or quarterly.
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    Business continuity

    Avoid major disruptions or hits to your organization’s reputation.

Package overview

  • Automation implementation
    Our experts will help you implement automated vulnerability management that continually scans application software, libraries, and container workloads for software vulnerabilities and unintended network exposure.
  • Deep vulnerability scanning
    We will identify any vulnerabilities in both operating system (OS) packages and programming language (Python, Java, Ruby, etc.) packages.
  • Consistent reporting
    We will regularly deliver reports on the health and security of your AWS environments as well as rapid responses as anomalies are identified.
  • Rapid response
    We will develop and implement a plan for you to respond quickly to anomalies and threats.

Get started with Vulnerability Scanning

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