.NET and Cosmos DB Modernization Quickstart

Legacy applications may not be able to take full advantage of today’s customer-centric technologies, like cloud and mobile computing. Moving applications to the cloud often requires more than spinning up new virtual machines. A thoughtful methodology and expertise in modernizing applications can lay the groundwork for future success.

Redapt’s 4-week, .NET and Cosmos DB Modernization Quickstart combines strategy, process, and technical expertise to meet today’s most pressing business transformation challenges. Our clients benefit from enterprise efficiency, reduced cost, faster speed to market—and our clients deliver intelligent experiences to their customers using Microsoft Azure.


  • Faster migration

    Quickly identify workloads that are ideal candidates for running on Azure.

  • Control costs

    Receive a clear and comprehensive cost estimate for running your workloads on Azure.

  • Migration support

    Safely and efficiently migrate identified applications to Azure.

Package overview

  • Architecture design

    Our team will work with you to define your business objectives and project scope, design your architecture, and estimate your costs in Azure.

  • Migration planning

    We will define timelines, roles, and responsibilities, and perform a gap analysis of your current governance principles.

  • Migration

    We will migrate in-scope applications, VMs, and databases into managed services on Azure.

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