The Azure Security Assessment Package

Ensure your applications and services are securely deployed and configured, and access remediation suggestions for detected vulnerabilities.


  • Improved security

    Better understand your organization’s current state, and enhance your security posture and operations.
  • Rapid implementation

    Take advantage of a 2-4 week process allowing you to leverage the strength of available solutions.
  • A secure and compliant Azure environment

    Ensure you’re leveraging the full capabilities of Microsoft Azure’s security portfolio, architecture best practices, and operational model.
  • Professional guidance

    Establish a program including best practices in the overall security strategy with the help of our team.

Package overview

  • Strategy & plan workshop
    Our team will gather information about your business objectives and current security posture, including participants CISO, Security Stakeholder, and IT Executive.
  • Secure Score
    Redapt will review your Azure and M365 scores, and address risk areas and their impact on your business objectives, providing recommendations to increase your Secure Score.
  • Collect and analyze insights
    We will review your software, server, and desktop assets for vulnerabilities and validate all collected data, building recommendations based on your business goals.
  • Final Recommendations
    Our team will present our results, recommendations, and next steps through an overview presentation and detailed set of reports.

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