Azure Synapse DevOps Accelerator

In application development, DevOps practices deliver speed and flexibility by creating synergies between developers and operations. This synergy makes continual iteration and rapid deployment of new features and updates possible.

With the Redapt Azure Synapse DevOps Accelerator, the same principles that guide DevOps—continuous integration, consistent deployment pipelines—are applied to your data warehouse workloads. This gives you increased speed and flexibility in how you leverage data for insights.


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    Greater use of analytics

    Put data to work throughout your organization to unlock insights, inspire new products, and increase your business intelligence.

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    Accelerated results from analytics

    Apply CI/CD practices to your data science initiatives to speed up actionable insights from your data.

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    Better use of resources

    Leverage automation and other DevOps tools to create efficiencies in your data science operations.

Package overview

  • DevOps framework

    We’ll help you construct a framework for applying DevOps practices to your data warehouse environments and workloads leveraging Azure Synapse.

  • Expert guidance

    We’ll assist you with constructing full dev, UAT, and production environments in Azure DevOps.

  • Best practices

    To help you hit the ground running, we will guide your teams through utilizing CI/CD pipelines to speed up your data science initiatives and foster consistent communication between data scientists and IT.

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