Azure Web Application Modernization

To achieve the speed and agility their customers need, enterprises today must take web application modernization seriously. Redapt and Microsoft Azure offer cost-saving application modernization solutions to ensure and accelerate the continuity of your business. 

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Speed and Agility with
Azure Web Application Modernization

modernization is complex. The challenges:

  • Simple “lift and shifts” rarely deliver full benefits of modern platforms
  • Not every application in an enterprise’s portfolio is suitable for the cloud
  • Legacy applications often need to be pulled apart and re-architected
  • Application modernization usually means modernizing how an enterprise works

Modernized applications allow enterprises to:​

  1. Leverage existing cloud-native tools rather than building tools from scratch​

  2. Scale components of software independently for greater elasticity​

  3. Optimize costs by easily scaling up when workloads are heaviest, then back down once demand diminishes

Leveraging Microsoft Azure for digital transformation of your business applications allows enterprises to: 

  • Scale applications efficiently
  • Reduce workload costs by optimizing resource usage
  • Create resilient applications
  • Cut down on IT and infrastructure costs
  • Deploy new products to customers faster

Why Redapt?

Our expert team has extensive experience with application modernization and the Azure tech stack.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner with over 20 years in the tech space, Redapt is capable of assisting enterprises in every aspect of application modernization, including:

  • Application portfolio assessment
  • Selection and implementation of “proof of concept” modernization
  • Full assistance during application migration andDay 2 operations

Whether you’re just starting your journey to the cloud or are looking to modernize additional applications for your cloud environment, Redapt can help.

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Property management company McKinstry engaged Redapt to digitally transform its customer-facing facilities support, dispatch, and billing system.

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Bringing Healthy Food to the Workplace and Disrupting Vending Industry

When Avanti Markets recognized an opportunity in the market to change the way people purchase food and other convenience items in the workplace, they partnered with Redapt to develop and manage the solution.

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