Data Estate Assessment & Planning

It can be hard to know where to begin when it comes to using the right data to make the smartest business decisions.

Your data estate comprises all the data your company owns. Organizing, analyzing, and modernizing this data can often be time-consuming and costly, yet your company depends on you to modernize and innovate while keeping capital expenditures and operational costs top of mind.

With our Data Estate Assessment & Planning offering, we’ll work with you to examine key business goals and identify where properly organized data and analysis will provide actionable insights, ultimately helping you transform your organization’s data into a strategic advantage.


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    Maximize data value

    Extract real insights from all your data resources by implementing a strategic migration plan and a modern data platform. This ultimately enables all your departments to use the information you need to operate at maximum performance.

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    Reduce operating costs

    We can help you create a modern data estate in a cost-effective, agile environment so you have the ability to innovate rapidly.

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    Benefit from comprehensive support

    From architectural design to analytics integration and reporting enablement, we will provide you with strategic tools and ongoing expertise to help you continuously align your modern data estate to your business goals.

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    Realize your innovative edge

    Customers have saved millions of dollars by utilizing Redapt data estate assessment, planning, and implementation services. By partnering with us, your organization can realize its full savings, performance, and innovation potential.

Package overview

  • Discovery sessions

    Our team works with you to identify your business goals, from how you go to market to how you engage with customers, as well as where your current (or proposed) architecture and upstream/downstream systems are creating pain points for your organization.

  • Solution exploration

    We’ll present an overview of relevant technologies—their pros and cons, how they’re used, and how each solution approaches data ingestion, management, and analysis on a variety of data platforms. Our team will provide real-world case studies of where these technologies fit together. This is an educational session where questions are encouraged.

  • Roadmapping & problem solving

    We’ll have a whiteboarding session where we jointly solve your business challenges using the appropriate technologies. Together we’ll refine and “poke holes” in the design through iterations. The output of this session is a candidate architecture.

  • Implementation Plan

    Redapt will work with you to phase implementation of your solution. Our focus will be on the iterative steps to take your candidate architecture into a live business solution. From migration to deployment paths, we’ll develop a plan that breaks down each task for you.

Get started with Data Estate Assessment & Planning

Redapt can architect, design, develop, and implement a modern data estate that gives you the flexibility to scale up or down depending on your needs today, and tomorrow.

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