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Adopt the cloud to leverage best-in-class solutions to spur innovation and maximize your investment potential.

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Adopt the cloud the right way

Make a safe and secure migration to the Google Cloud Platform by leveraging premier solutions that maximize your investment, future-proof your infrastructure, and help you develop the skills to increase your innovation.

Package Details

Our Enterprise Cloud Adoption Program will help you address these challenges:

  • redapt_icon_software-application-identify-inspect-examine

    Identifying applications suitable for the cloud

  • MultiCloud_BusinessResiliencePage

    Preparing cloud infrastructure

  • redapt_icon_recovery-backup-continuous-optimize-check-cycle

    Migrating safely and securely

  • redapt_icon_managed-services

    Ongoing management of cloud environments

Program Overview

  • Current infrastructure assessment

  • Application modernization

  • Cloud cost analysis

  • Cloud architecture design

  • Data and application migration

  • Infrastructure deployment automation

  • Team training


Review_Icon Phase 1: Review

  • Assessment of your current infrastructure
  • Assessment of applications and services for potential modernization
  • Cost analysis for projected Google Cloud services

Phase 2: DesignDesign_Icon

  • Design Google Cloud architecture to support migration

ExecutePhase 3: Execute

  • Migrate POC application via Google Cloud Site Recovery
  • Document governance for Google Cloud hosted workloads
  • Document standards and requirements for hosting new workloads
  • Document and automate deployment of infrastructure to Google Cloud

trainingPhase 4: Training

  • Train teams on Google Cloud technologies

Why Redapt?

As a Premier Partner, Redapt helps enterprises leverage Google Cloud to deliver modern infrastructure, applications, and data solutions. From initial assessments and recommendations to cloud migration, app modernization, and training, we can help you adopt the cloud and achieve true value from your investments.



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