Integration Center Services

Value-engineered solutions that are ready for production within minutes of arrival at the datacenter

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Organizations need to streamline the process for procuring and deploying datacenter infrastructure.

By partnering with Redapt, you can leave the challenges of navigating multiple vendors, supply chain, value engineering, and global logistics to us so you can spend more time on innovative products.

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Advanced engineering

Datacenter, hybrid, and edge infrastructure optimized to solve workload challenges and meet budget goals.



Global logistics

More time for your teams to focus on innovation while letting Redapt help navigate the complexities of procurement, shipping, supply chain, and deployment.



Production ready racks

Accelerate realizing value from your infrastructure investment. Solutions arrive pre-integrated into a datacenter rack. They only require power and network connectivity to be production ready.



Datacenter support

Would you like to relinquish datacenter operations so you can focus on customer experience? We also offer infrastructure support services.

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Discovery sessions

Our team works with you to identify your business needs in order to identify the best architecture and alleviate any pain points you’re encountering when deploying new hardware.



Solution exploration

We’ll present an overview of recommended technologies and architecture based on on your enterprise’s needs in hardware, software integration, and budget requirements. This is an educational session where questions are encouraged.



Coordination phase

We will connect our procurement, logistics, and supply chain teams with your organization and walk through all the steps required for Redapt to provide you with integration services.



Architecture design and space validation

We will develop an architecture that fits both your organization’s needs and any limitations presented by your datacenter.



Build, testing, and deployment

Our teams will leverage our supply chain relationships to efficiently procure and build your new infrastructure. We will also fully test hardware and software before delivering a rack-ready solution to your datacenter.

Why Redapt?

Our extensive integration services capabilities are highly adaptable to your organization’s unique needs. We are multi-vendor; we will manage design, production, and quality control of your infrastructure; and we can scale to any level you require.



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