Managed Vulnerability Scanning Offering

Data breaches are a matter of when not if.

In fact, according to the Identity Theft Research Center, by October of 2021, there had already been 1,291 reported data breaches—more than in all the previous year.

All told, these breaches affected 282 million people.

With bad actors everywhere, being able to identify vulnerabilities is critically important. That means vulnerability scanning—regular tests of data environments for weaknesses— needs to be a fundamental component of any enterprise’s security program.

Redapt’s Managed Vulnerability Scanning offering provides you with consistent monitoring of your data and applications so you can focus less on risks and more on innovation.


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    Quick to set up

    Fully implement security and scanning protocols in just 2-3 days.

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    Continual scanning

    Leverage consistent and unlimited scanning of your environments to reveal vulnerabilities and flag anomalies quickly.

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    Regular reporting

    Receive reporting on your environments on your desired schedule—whether that’s weekly, monthly, or quarterly.

Package overview

  • Unlimited scan frequency

    Our scanning services are available on your terms and can be ramped up or down based on your unique needs.

  • Multiple deployment models

    We will tailor our scanning program to meet any deployment requirements you need.

  • Actionable reporting

    Regular reporting can be set up weekly, monthly, or quarterly. In addition, real-time alerts will notify your team of any irregularities or present threats.

  • Fully managed support

    Our experts will always be on hand to help you manage any problems as they arise.

Get started with Managed Vulnerability Scanning Offering

We can help keep your data and applications safe and secure so you can worry less about security and spend more time innovating. Contact us to start leveraging our Fully Managed Vulnerability Scanning today.

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