Migrating ISVs to Azure

Prepare for the possibility of peak demand with Redapt’s Migrating ISVs to Azure package offering.


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    Cost Savings

    Lower costs for infrastructure and IT.

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    The ability to rapidly make changes to your software solution.
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    Agility and Scalability

    Being able to scale quickly to keep up with a sudden influx in demand.

Package overview

  • Discovery

    This discovery details business needs, scope, and current design and dependencies to assess your current landscape. Additional tool sets may be used to estimate specific coding recommendations to ensure applications are Azure ready.

    Business needs
    Application SLAs
    Compliance and security needs
    APIs and third-party dependencies
    Identifying Azure integration points
  • Assess and Design

    During this step, we provide a recommended architecture, configurations, and steps required to achieve migration.

    Detailed Azure architecture
    Detailed services dependencies
    Detailed compliance/security design
    Project planning and migration roadmap
    Testing and UAT
  • Migration

    Information from steps 1 and 2 are compiled into a detailed report for applicable teams. The report serves as the foundation for Step 3, which is migration, testing and acceptance, and day two operations.

    Detailed project planning 
    Deployment of Azure landing zone
    Development of CI/CD processes
    Testing and acceptance 
    Assistance with publishing to Azure Marketplace (optional)
    Managed Services (optional) 

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