.NET and Framework Migration Offering

We understand the challenges of migrating applications from older .NET Framework versions to newer ones. This offering provides a comprehensive solution for a smooth and successful transition. 

We address the key challenges associated with .NET and Framework migrations: 

  • Version leaps: Our team is experienced in handling both minor and major version migrations, including complex upgrades like moving from .NET Framework 4.5 directly to .NET 8. 
  • Balancing automation and manual effort: While automated tools can streamline parts of the process, manual intervention is often required. We identify areas where automation is effective and provide skilled developers to handle the rest. 
  • Testing bottlenecks: Thorough testing is crucial, but it can be time-consuming, especially when clients lack existing functional documentation or test suites. We offer various testing solutions to address this. 
  • Build & Deploy: We won’t just process your code. We become an active partner in your success. We will help update and manage your build and deployment pipelines, ensuring a smooth transition from source code to production.


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    Reduced Migration Time and Cost

    Our efficient approach minimizes manual effort and avoids delays.
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    Improved Application Quality

    Rigorous testing ensures the migrated application meets your expectations.
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    Reduced Business Risk

    We mitigate the risk of regressions or functionality loss during migration.
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    Expert Guidance

    Our experienced developers can handle any complexities that arise during the process.

Package overview

  • Automated Testing and Migration Assistance
    We leverage automated migration tools to expedite the process wherever possible. Our developers address any compatibility issues or code changes that automation cannot handle.
  • Comprehensive Test Generation and Validation
    We can generate new unit tests or other test collateral (if unavailable) before migration. These tests ensure the migrated application functions identically to the original version.
  • Client-Driven Testing with Support
    If you have existing testing resources, we can integrate them into the migration process. Our team provides guidance and support to ensure your testing efforts are effective.

Get started with .NET and Framework Migration Offering

Contact Redapt today for a free consultation to discuss your specific migration needs. We will work with you to develop a customized plan that leverages the appropriate approach and delivers a successful migration. 

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