Ready Ship

Minimize the risk of supply chain delays when your business depends on timely datacenter hardware deployments.

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Quickly scaling up operations is a need of most enterprises today. But quick configuration and deployment has always been a challenge.

It’s not uncommon for enterprises that regularly deploy new hardware at their data centers to encounter supply chain delays, which can lead to additional costs or unhappy customers.

You can avoid this outcome with our ready ship offering, which is designed to reduce the risk of hardware deployment delays by keeping hardware at the ready until your organization is ready to deploy it.

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Reduced costs

Mitigate potential cost increases stemming from supply chain delays by having a partner dedicated to ensuring your critical hardware is always ready for deployment.



Increased security

Store your hardware at one of our secure integration centers until it is ready to be shipped to your datacenter.



Improved reliability

Avoid delays caused by early hardware failures, knowing every component has been thoroughly tested and configured to you specifications by our experts.



Greater flexibility

Accelerate your deployment of new hardware by leveraging our supply chain relationships and global logistics capabilities.

Package overview



Program design

Our team of experts will work with you to forecast demand and will keep your critical hardware and components on hand in order to alleviate supply chain delays.



Hardware build and testing

We will custom configure your hardware to your specifications and thoroughly test every component to ensure it is production ready.



Ongoing relationship

We will provide you with full support options for maintaining your hardware and adapt the forecast demand as your needs change.

Why Redapt?

With decades of experience building and deploying critical enterprise infrastructure, we have the knowledge and expertise to ensure your regular deployments happen smoothly and at the expected cost. In addition, our size allows us to be more flexible and capable of filling emergency orders.



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