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Use Case: Manage Docker Containers and Kubernetes on VMware

Redapt Marketing
February 15, 2017
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One Sheets

An audio streaming services company challenged our cloud adoption team with the task of quickly standing up an environment that ran containers and Kubernetes. 

In addition to the desired environment, the customer also was concerned with developing internal IT skills to operate and scale the environment over its lifecycle. To add to the challenge, the client also needed to bootstrap the effort by utilizing an existing VMware investment.

Our team accepted the challenge and recommended the Rancher solution.  Rancher is an open source software that makes it easy to deploy Docker containers and Kubernetes in production on any infrastructure.

Redapt delivered:

  • Installation and Configuration of Rancher HA with Kubernetes on VMware.
  • Integration of Rancher Environment with Customer Network
  • Developed Environment Operational Documentation
  • Enabled DevOps Team to Utilize POC Environment

Customer Benefits:

  • Accelerated a Successful Proof of Concept
  • Developers Embraced Containers and Kubernetes
  • Set Stage for Modernized Development Process and Infrastructure
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Cloud Native
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