State of the industry

Given the importance of the global marketplace, enterprises increasingly need infrastructure deployed globally. At the same time, there are a number of potential regulatory and logistical requirements that need to be navigated.

COVID-19 has only made navigating these requirements more challenging, since many datacenters continue to be operating under restrictions of the country—and, in some cases, the specific region—where they are located.



Common challenges

As with the deployment of any new hardware, there are potential pain points throughout the process of geo dispersed infrastructure. Some of the most common ones include supply chain management, hardware assembly and testing, and ensuring new equipment arrives at its location and is successfully installed.

The geo dispersed datacenter solution

By its very nature, deploying new infrastructure to geo dispersed datacenters at scale is challenging.

At Redapt, we have systems in place to efficiently manage every step in the large scale deployment process—from design and equipment procurement, to testing, shipping, and deploying at datacenters worldwide.

Where Redapt + Dell come in

In partnership with Dell, Redapt provides “white glove” service throughout the process of deploying infrastructure to geo dispersed locations. This service includes:

  1. Architecture design of Dell hardware that is best suited for the needs of your organization
  2. Hardware procurement and full supply chain management to accelerate your ROI and time-to-value
  3. Shipping of all equipment to our secure facilities, where it is fully tested and optimized
  4. Global delivery of turnkey datacenter racks, which reduces your need for boots on the ground
  5. Packaging and waste removal from the destination once installation is complete

Geo dispersed datacenter success stories


Deploying Datacenter Infrastructure at Scale for a Major SaaS Provider

To exceed its application performance standards, a publicly traded SaaS client relies on dedicated datacenter infrastructure. To keep pace with global growth, it turned to Redapt for datacenter hardware, rack integration services, and international transportation logistics.

We helped them deploy hundreds of infrastructure racks to datacenters in Europe, Asia, and Australia, which enabled them to:

  • Deliver production-ready racks
  • Add visibility into delivery schedules
  • Detect component failures early
  • Grasp a clear understanding of international logistics

Getting started with geo dispersed datacenters

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