State of the industry

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, large scale deployments could be a challenge for enterprises.

Organizations that don’t need to deploy new infrastructure in particular can struggle to install new hardware efficiently—a struggle that has only been compounded by current restrictions and supply chain strains.



Common challenges

Beyond the current pain points, enterprises often hit a wall in maintaining consistency when deploying their own infrastructure at scale.

New hardware is a substantial investment, and if infrastructure is deployed with defects, the logistics of returning the equipment to the ODM and deploying a replacement can greatly inflate the overall cost.

In addition, deploying new hardware at scale often comes with a hefty travel expense for team members—travel that many organizations are currently hesitant to ask their employees to take.

The large scale deployments solution

Given the sheer amount of time and resources it can take for an enterprise to go the DIY route in deploying infrastructure at scale, many organizations seek outside assistance.

At Redapt, we have systems in place to efficiently manage every step in the large scale deployment process from design and equipment procurement, to testing, shipping, and deploying at datacenters worldwide.

Where Redapt + Dell come in

Through our partnership with Dell, Redapt is able to tackle every component of large scale deployment. This includes:

  1. Architecture design that is best suited for the needs of your organization
  2. Hardware procurement and full supply chain management to accelerate your ROI and time-to-value
  3. Shipping of all equipment to our secure facilities, where it is fully tested and optimized
  4. Shipping and logistics to ensure your all your infrastructure is in place when and where you need it
  5. Global delivery of turnkey datacenter racks, which reduces your need for boots on the ground
  6. Packaging and waste removal from the destination once installation is complete

Large scale deployment success stories


Deploying Datacenter Infrastructure at Scale for a Major SaaS Provider

To exceed its application performance standards, a publicly traded SaaS client relies on dedicated datacenter infrastructure. To keep pace with global growth, it turned to Redapt for datacenter hardware, rack integration services, and international transportation logistics.

We helped them deploy hundreds of infrastructure racks to datacenters in Europe, Asia, and Australia, which enabled them to:

  • Move toward a DevOps culture to greatly accelerate their development process
  • Implement a technology stack to match the amount of data they received
  • Scale in a cost-effective way when needed

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