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Dell EMC PowerStore: Delivering on the Definition of Modern Enterprise Storage

By Matt Francis | Posted on September 16, 2022 | Posted in Data & Analytics,

Digital transformation is much more than a buzzy term. 

As more and more enterprises invest time and resources into modernizing their entire operations to meet the competitive demands of the digital economy, one major area of focus is adaptability. Technology is never static, and with data storage in particular, companies large and small are looking for solutions that can be seamlessly upgraded to meet newer generations of tech.

This is where Dell Technology’s PowerStore all-flash storage hits the sweet spot.

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Simplifying IT operations

Ask your average CTO what keeps them up at night, and you’ll likely get a laundry list of concerns. One of them, no doubt, is the fear that IT will one day become far too complex to effectively manage.

Storage is particularly tricky on this front, since many IT departments often need to navigate the tension of reducing costs while also reducing how long operations take to complete. 

Long provisioning times, device management, governance and security—these are already time-consuming tasks, and when you add in lengthy data migrations and ongoing hardware refresh cycles, IT to-do lists can easily spiral out of control.

Given the overall importance of data storage, enterprises need solutions that are not just high-performance and efficient but flexible as well. This flexibility needs to include:

  • Flexibility to scale storage up or down as quickly as possible
  • Flexibility in how data and applications move between environments
  • Flexibility in where workloads are conducted, from bare metal to virtual machines and containers

For organizations reliant upon the public cloud, this flexibility is relatively easy to achieve. But for those that rely on on-premises storage, whether by need or choice, the list of top-notch solutions can be short.

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A single, robust platform

As a leader in data storage technology, it’s no surprise that Dell Technologies has designed a storage solution that achieves the above list of needs.

Not only does PowerStore hit all the marks for enterprise storage—performance, reliability, security, and so on—but it has also been designed from the ground up to be as flexible as possible. For example:

  • The platform offers high-performance storage with NVMe flash and SCM, making it ideal for scaling up, down, or out as needed
  • AppsOn functionality inherent to the platform makes it possible to both run applications directly on an appliance and seamlessly across servers, HCI environments, and the PowerStore system itself.
  • The platform’s support of multiple storage protocols, from file and block to virtual environments and Kubernetes, offers a single architecture for IT to manage

Perhaps most critically, PowerStore has been designed to evolve. 

Data-in-place upgrades, advanced clustering for mixed system configurations, Dell’s “Anytime Upgrade” program—combined, these elements allow IT to be more frugal in how often refreshes are purchased while still being able to provide storage resources that are always optimized and available.

The storage to optimize your operations

It’s not a secret that today’s IT departments face some major hurdles when it comes to controlling costs while also providing businesses with the latest generation of technology.

Because PowerStore has been designed with flexibility in mind, it is able to check all the right boxes for enterprise storage needs while limiting the need for regular, and costly, upgrades. That’s why we often recommend PowerStore to customers looking to reduce the burden of their IT without sacrificing the quality of their storage. 

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