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New eBook: Why Migration Back to On-Premises is Becoming the 'New Normal' for IT Modernization

By Sarah Jones | Posted on July 19, 2023 | Posted in Dell EMC, Cloud

The IT landscape has experienced significant transformations in recent years, prompting organizations to reconsider their cloud adoption and management strategies. At Redapt, we specialize in IT modernization, helping organizations like yours achieve the following:

  • Embrace a cloud-native architecture that spans physical, virtual, and containerized infrastructure.
  • Leverage the public cloud or transition back on-premises for enhanced simplicity, agility, and control.
  • Adopt a strategic approach to expanding your incremental ROI lifecycle, analyzing cloud return at every growth projection and evaluation stage.

Our latest eBook, Why Migration Back to On-Premises is Becoming the 'New Normal' for IT Modernization, is a valuable resource available for free, providing insights into developing a successful cloud repatriation strategy and highlighting key considerations to keep in mind.


Cloud RepatriationWhile the public cloud is often touted for its cost savings and benefits, the truth is that without proper planning, resourcing, and management, it can strain cash flow. Depending on your unique workload requirements, the public cloud may not be the optimal solution. Consequently, many organizations are turning to cloud repatriation—migrating assets from the public cloud back to dedicated on-premises or private cloud environments.


Did you know that a recent survey revealed:

Asset 125@3x


Asset 100

This statistic underscores the growing trend of cloud repatriation. With our extensive experience and proven track record, Dell Technologies and Redapt are the ideal partners to guide organizations through their cloud repatriation journey. Our expertise and methodologies will incrementally accelerate your organization's ROI and reduce TCO based on business growth projections and evaluations.


Start increasing your organization's efficiency today. Download our free eBook, Why Migration Back to On-Premises is Becoming the 'New Normal' for IT Modernization, and gain valuable insights into optimizing your IT infrastructure.