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How to Get Started with AI

By Bryan Gilcrease | Posted on January 27, 2022 | Posted in AI/ML, Data & Analytics, NVIDIA


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When it comes to adopting artificial intelligence (AI), it’s not uncommon for enterprises to struggle to determine exactly where to start.

The truth is, adopting AI is hard—not just technically but internally. You don’t just need large data sets, you need data sets that are clean, complete, and governed properly. You also need to make a compelling case for taking on the adoption process, often to areas of an organization that are not the most tech-savvy.

Because of these hurdles, many AI initiatives barely make it off the ground. Properly adopting and implementing the technology takes a series of steps, from pinpointing what exactly you want to achieve to ensure you have the right infrastructure and platforms in place to scale properly.

One way to make the AI adoption process go more smoothly is to conduct proper research on the process before you begin. To help on that front, Redapt has partnered with NVIDIA on an eBook titled AI: 5 Steps to Get Started.

In this eBook, we provide you with a blueprint for successfully building out your AI capabilities. Specifically, we go in depth on:

  • Identifying a first use case for AI

  • How to evaluate your data

  • Building the right team for AI

  • Identifying roadblocks

  • How to avoid “shadow AI”

  • Measuring (and celebrating) your successes

For a taste of what you’ll be getting, here’s an excerpt:

Transforming your business with AI doesn’t happen overnight. Instead of trying to map a larger transition, start with one use case, ideally one that relates to a business-impacting problem that can garner executive support without budget challenges. These low-hanging fruit can be found in every industry. While selecting an AI pilot project, there are certain factors to consider:

  • Can this problem be easily tackled with available data that can be mined for insights using AI algorithms? Tangibility and starting small is key

  • Does this use case mirror other problems your organization is trying to solve? Pick one that will have an immediate impact and will allow you to replicate success early

  • Even though you’re starting small, don’t ignore return on investment (ROI). Make sure your investment is going to pay off

You can download a copy of AI: 5 Steps to Get Started here. And if you have any more questions about the adoption process, or would like expert guidance kicking off your adoption, contact one of our experts.