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New eBook! Thriving in the Cloud: Accelerate  Innovation and Maximize Your IT Investment

By Redapt Marketing | Posted on April 10, 2020 | Posted in Cloud, Managed Services, business continuity

Innovation moves faster in the cloud, and if you're not a part of it, you're likely losing ground to competitors. 

Our latest eBook, Thriving in the Cloud: Accelerate Innovation and Maximize Your IT Investment, focuses on how to increase innovation in the cloud and get the most out of your IT team. Within the eBook, Redapt’s cloud experts address the shift from focusing on IT maintenance to business agility through digital transformation.  

Today, organizations depend on CIOs to innovate quickly and strategically to solve mission-critical business problems.  

Here’s an excerpt from the eBook about what organizations are now expecting from CIOs: 

Information technology in the cloud era is more about business than technology. It’s a critical change in mindset and the reason why, when asked about the principal benefits of infrastructure modernization, CIOs prioritize increased business agility and better quality of service to customers (McKinsey). This need for agility and improved quality of service to customers is fueling accelerated cloud adoption in order to scale IT resources (CIO Magazine). 

A focus on business outcomes is a must. As Deloitte explains in a recent global CIO survey, the top two expectations of CIOs are to align with business strategies and transform business processes. Forrester analyst Matthew Guarini says, “If you stay within the realm of what IT looked like five or ten years ago, there’s a risk that your IT organization will be marginalized” (CIO Magazine). 

So, drive business strategy by harnessing the speed and agility of the cloud to meet customer needs. Pretty straightforward, right? 

If only it were that simple.  

Download your free copy of the Thriving in the Cloud: Accelerate Innovation and Maximize Your IT Investment eBook and learn how to innovate faster!

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Thriving in the Cloud: Accelerate Innovation and Maximize Your IT Investment

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