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3 Major Advantages of Microservices for Enterprises

By Redapt Marketing | Posted on November 28, 2019 | Posted in Cloud Native, Code Development

Speed to market is a competitive edge. If your company is still employing traditional software development processes—monolithic apps, waterfall development, and slow deployments—then embracing microservices can completely change your game.

In many industries, typical software release cycles are still averaging between nine and 18 months. This in incredibly slow compared to that of disruptive companies that release code several times a day.

With microservices, you’re able to break that single, large block of an application your development teams work on into smaller bricks that can be worked on independently. This creates a number of benefits—and opportunities for a competitive advantage— for your own business.

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Here are a few of them ...

redapt_icon_velocity-data-delivery1. Faster velocity

With microservices, members of a development team are able to focus on smaller building blocks within the overall application.

This means developers rarely need to wait on their other team members before finishing and deploying their own specific feature.

In fact, the process of writing, testing, and deploying code to your end users can be transformed from a rare event to one that happens several times a day.

redapt_icon_recovery-backup2. Quicker recovery

In a monolithic development environment, if one part of the software failed then the entire application would usually go down with it.

Microservices takes away that problem since your developers are working on independent segments of the application. If one of those segments fails, the rest of the application is unaffected. It's also easier than ever to roll back code changes causing the failure and to fully recover.

redapt_icon_software-benefit-good-application3. Better software quality

Microservices allow developers to test specific bricks of code to limit potential bugs and security flaws in all the lines of code that make your app.

Before you jump in...

Microservices can unlock a number of benefits and advantages for your business, but like any change in your development process, they’re going to come with increased complexity.

Working with and managing hundreds of different them requires automation and the ability to utilize DevOps in order to keep everything working in concert. You also need a firm grasp of containers and Kubernetes.

We can help you make the transition to all these technologies and solutions. So, if you want to improve the speed of your development process and the way your company delivers products to your customers, download our eBook, 3 Simple Steps to Applying the Technical Maturity Framework When Going Cloud-Native.

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