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Making the Move to GCP

When product lifecycle management software provider Centric Software wanted to optimize costs by migrating workloads to GCP, Redapt helped the company develop and execute a successful roadmap.

In a nutshell ...

Centric Software provides innovative product lifecycle management software for major consumer brands.

When the company wanted to take advantage of opportunities provided by adopting Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Redapt worked with them to make the migration of major workloads smooth and efficient.

The problem

Centric Software wanted to migrate a number of workloads from its current cloud provider to GCP.

The solution

Redapt engaged with the company to migrate 10 client applications to GCP. In addition, our team created a custom VPN solution for the company so it could peer into its networks.

The outcome

Centric Software successfully migrated its initial 10 workloads to GCP and is now able leverage Terraform automation to provision its custom VPN solution for visibility into networks.

Moment of clarity

During the initial migration, Centric Software expressed a desire for a custom VPN solution that could be automatically set up and managed by the company post-migration. We determined utilizing Terraform automation for provisioning would be the most effective solution.


What the company needed

With a number of client workloads already existing within a cloud environment, Centric Software wanted to gain efficiencies and cost savings from migrating to GCP. The company also wanted a way to automate VPN deployment once the migration had been completed.

Our recommendation

redapt - making move to GCP - graphic2

Redapt migrated the company’s initial 10 client applications to GCP using SureEdge. 

We also migrated RDS MySQL databases to GCP CloudSQL, as well as all the company’s other “service servers” in a Linux environment for all client systems to communicate.

For automation of the VPN solution, we utilized Terraform automation for provisioning and provided the company with general assistance with automation improvements.


The end result

Centric Software was able to efficiently migrate its initial client workloads to GCP, and they are currently looking at continued migration of others.

  • redapt_icon_solution-benefit_cloud-spend-cost-expense Cost-optimization

    on all data regardless of its source.

  • redapt_icon_solution-benefit_cloud-goals-objectives-alignment-1 Custom VPN solution

     for visibility into networks, automated and controlled by the company.

  • redapt_icon_cloud-based-application-app-suite Greater ability

    to employ automation among the company’s teams.

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