4-Week Application Innovation Quick Start for Non-Profits Package Offering

One of the biggest challenges facing non-profits today is modernizing organizational applications that have been implemented over many years.

Legacy applications may not be able to take full advantage of the latest innovations in cloud technologies—which leaves room for competitors to leap ahead. 

While a VM-to-VM migration could be an option, moving applications to the cloud often requires more than spinning up new virtual machines. A thoughtful methodology, experience with migrating applications, and leveraging cloud-native technologies can lay the groundwork for future success.


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    Greater efficiency

    Leverage the speed and flexibility of Azure to optimize internal operations.

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    Reduced costs

    Focus less on your internal infrastructure and more on achieving your goals as an organization.

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    Utilize the agility provided by Azure and its cloud-native tools to accelerate your operations and be prepared for new technologies.

Package overview

  • Planning and design

    We will review your business objectives and define your project scope, then build out a migration approach and architecture design, as well as estimate your Azure consumption costs.

  • Migration

    After developing a project plan with timelines, roles, and responsibilities, we will migrate your organization to Azure leveraging Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) tools. We will then conduct a gap analysis of current governance principles (security, identity, cost) and conduct testing and the final cutover of applications, virtual machines, and databases.

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