The AI Opportunity Assessment

Ready to get started with artificial intelligence (AI) but want some guidance on what to focus on first? Redapt can help you make a well-informed decision with a guided AI Opportunity Assessment. Together, we'll discover where AI can provide immediate value and a roadmap towards aspirational AI goals.


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    Professional guidance

    Gain insights from data scientists and AI professionals with experience across a number of industries.
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    Gain a competitive edge

    Deploy AI that provides your organization with a competitive edge and defines new avenues of growth with endless possibilities.
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    AI that makes business sense

    Identify AI capabilities that increase organizational performance and appeal to your CFO due to improved decision-making capabilities that open new revenue-generation potential.
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    Utilize advanced analytics

    Extract tremendous value data to inform decisions that can make the future brighter for your organization.

Package overview

  • Assessment for AI opportunities
    Redapt offers discovery workshops to collaboratively uncover opportunities where AI can make an immediate business impact and create a roadmap towards the application of innovative AI.
  • Build and AI roadmap
    Success with AI requires thoughtful planning. Together, we develop goals and create the roadmap to reach them.
  • Implement your AI roadmap
    With a solid roadmap in place, Redapt can provide an AI implementation team or fill your organization's skill gaps.
  • Training from data scientists
    Throughout the entire process, Redapt data scientists are available to identify new AI opportunities and transfer knowledge so that your staff can support and use their new AI platform.

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