Anthos Adoption Accelerator

Modernize applications faster and deploy across a myriad of environments while maintaining operational consistency with Anthos by Google Cloud and Redapt. Our team offers a full suite of IT services and pre-integrated datacenter infrastructure to accelerate Anthos adoption.


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    Turnkey Kubernetes Platform

    Building production-ready Anothos by Google Cloud datacenter infrastructure is possible, and Redapt has made it incredibly simple. Engage with our engineers to design infrastructure that meets your workload performance requirements and we deliver pre-integrated datacenter racks.
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    Edge, Hybrid, and Multi-Cloud Deployments

    No matter how you intend to leverage Anthos, our team integrates on-premises and cloud solutions that benefit your budget, product innovation, and development performance.
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    Centralized Visibility

    Gain control of your entire environment by managing all resources from one centralized dashboard location.
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    Google Cloud Security

    Leverage native security tools and advanced monitoring from Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to protect your data and maintain compliance.

Package overview

  • Assessment and Architecture Design
    A successful adoption of Anthos by Google Cloud begins with a proper business assessment and architectural roadmap.
  • Anthos Proof of Concept (POC)
    Before you go all-in, it's important to thoroughly evaluate the platform to verify it will provide the expected results. Redapt provides a myriad of suitable POC options including our own Anthos by Google Cloud environment.
  • Migration and Modernization Services
    Accelerate utilizing your new Anthos by Google Cloud environment with Redapt's app migration and modernization services.
  • Knowledge Transfer Services
    After migration to the Anthos by Google Cloud platform, Redapt's professionals will train developers and operational staff on the new environment and tools necessary to manage it.

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