Anthos Pods

Facilitate a consistent DevOps and application development lifecycle with Anthos pods.

Enterprise DevOps environments need solutions that scale operations and allow developers to rapidly deploy their code to testing and production. Anthos is an application management solution built for organizations that deploy on-premises or cloud-based containerized applications. Redapt builds solutions with Anthos and Kubernetes so that you can integrate on-premises DevOps with the cloud.


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    Scalable on-premises management

    Anthos pods along with Kubernetes orchestration will allow you to deploy applications across multiple clusters and scale as needed.

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    Eliminate hypervisor costs

    Anthos will run without the additional hypervisor layer deployed on the target hosting machine. This simplifies your environment and reduces costs on licensing.

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    Secure and monitor Kubernetes deployments

    The Anthos Config Management tool monitors changes to your Kubernetes clusters and automatically rolls out updates and configurations that are based on your business needs.

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    Rapid software development

    With Anthos and Kubernetes, you can more rapidly deploy solutions. This speeds up the software development lifecycle and improves efficiency in testing.

Package overview

  • Assess DevOps Procedures

    Whether you already use Kubernetes or need more optimization with current DevOps procedures, we review your current process to identify where Anthos can improve velocity.

  • Service Mesh Integration

    We help customers—who are experiencing issues with deploying and integrating services meshes within a datacenter—leverage sufficient resources and build scalable infrastructure.

  • Leverage Edge Servers

    For organizations struggling with deploying Kubernetes on edge servers, we provide a roadmap, resources, and strategies for rolling out pods to edge servers for better application performance.

  • Kubernetes Optimization

    After deployment of infrastructure, we review Anthos and Kubernetes configurations to ensure they are optimized for cost efficiency and performance.

Get started with Anthos Pods

For enterprise organizations, we can build solutions using Anthos pods so that you can run Kubernetes clusters anywhere, in the cloud or on premises. Use the contact form to send us a message so that we can get started building an enterprise-level orchestration and deployment solution that speeds up development and optimizes your virtualized infrastructure.

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