Azure Cloud Adoption Framework

Leverage virtually unlimited resources in the cloud by migrating your on-premises workflows and applications to Azure’s reliable, flexible, and cost-effective cloud.

The cloud drives innovation by offering you the compute power and technology that can take your business to the next level. Whether you want advanced analytics or more flexible resource provisioning, adopting Azure will provide you with the tools necessary for success and Redapt can help build a roadmap unique to your business needs.


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    Endless scaling capabilities

    Scaling on-premises infrastructure takes constant planning, but with cloud adoption you can scale as needed rather than planning for five years in the future.

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    Increased IT efficiency

    The cloud offers many solutions and tools that increase performance and reliability of IT infrastructure. IT staff can provision new equipment without the extra overhead of physical installation and extensive configurations.

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    Modernized applications

    Turn inefficient legacy systems into high-performance applications that leverage current and future technology such as advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, big data warehousing, and machine learning.

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    Accelerated software development

    Azure offers several tools that improve the software development lifecycle (SDLC) to speed up deployment, increase code security, and add automation to testing and deployment.

Package overview

  • Infrastructure Assessment

    Prior to the engagement, we assess the current environment and ensure that your data and applications are ready for migration to the Azure cloud.

  • Cloud Cost Analysis

    To ensure that your Azure cloud economically aligns with your business, we perform an analysis that ensures resources are optimized for cost efficiency.

  • Seamless Migration

    Migration should create limited outages, so we build a strategy and roadmap so that your business stays productive during a pilot run and final cutover of your data.

  • Training and Support

    An integral part of migration is learning the tools and dashboards in Azure, and Redapt takes the time to help your staff understand the new environment and support any issues when they arise.

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